start-up, innovations, business model, business plan, investment, ecosystem, financial projection


A start-up is the IT industry specific form of commercial enterprise with its own peculiarities not observed in other forms of business ventures. Hands-on purposes require a toolset for start-up growth modelling and forecasting as well as for their evaluation; business models belong to such tools. Advantages of business modelling is not always obvious to start-up founders, up to the moment when it becomes a part of requirements from investors. A form that allows quick modelling greatly simplifies evaluation and triage of start-ups by investors and thus can become one of formatting factors for regional or national start-up ecosystems in Ukraine. Based on the recent publications this research offers an example of a business model and suggests several key aspects for more practical application of business modelling for the sake of start-up growth forecasting, including expression of main milestones in the financial projection.

Author Biography

Yakiv (Jacob) Baytelman, Donetsk National Technical University

Master's student of the Department of Automation and Telecommunications of DonNTU


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