Authors Guide

Basic conditions

The manuscript can be sent to the editorial office of the journal only if the following conditions are met:

  • the research was conducted with the highest standards of care and conscientiousness;
  • the manuscript is original and has not been published anywhere else, including by the authors of the manuscript;
  • the work has not been submitted anywhere else and is not reviewed with any other publication;
  • the work does not contain defamatory, discreditable or illegal statements;
  • allowed to use any third-party materials;
  • confirmation of consent has been obtained from all specified persons or organizations;
  • authorship was agreed prior to submission, and no one was “gifted” with authorship or refused to be credited as an author (ghostly authorship).

If your research is published and we find that any of these conditions have not been met, we may take action in accordance with COPE guidelines, which may result in one of the correction notices, or we may remove or revoke the article.

Additions and additional materials

If there are figures in the article, the authors must choose the main figure that reflects the results obtained. This figure will be placed at the title of the article in the archive of the journal.
Drawing requirements:

  • format .jpg, .jpeg, .png
  • resolution not less than 300 dpi
  • size no more than 5 Mb

Also, electronic additional materials for the article at the request of the authors (Excel files, audio and video files) can be published.

Rules of Article Forming (download)